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July should be fun!

Hello!! I've gotten a few emails from new readers requesting the order of the books, so here they are!
1: A Marked Man
2: Alaska with Love
3:By the light of the Moon
4: Half Moon Rising
5: Best Laid Plans
6: For the love of Caden
7: The General's Lover
8: Russian Prey -Vince/ Keegan
9:  An Ignited Passion-Wyatt/Preston
More books to follow...

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation and not working to hard. I leave here by the first of July to tackle hot men in an even hotter environment. As always, I thank you all for sticking by me as I navigate the publishing world. Books one through four are going back to the editor for touch ups and the newest ones will have a table of contents. As always, I would not be where I am today if not for my talented team of editors and proof reader as well as all the people who pick up my books and emerge themselves into the world of Assassin's and shifters. I thank you all for continuing to support me!!!

Here comes summer!!

I'm looking forward to my summer vacation, weeks spent in the hot desert of Arizona and eegee's galore! As most of you know, I'm doing a photo shoot with quite a few hunky men!  When looking for the perfect men to portray my guys, I hit the freakin jackpot with these three.  "The General's Lover" will be released this summer, (some time in July, I'm taking my laptop with me) followed by book eight which is the Keegan/Vince book and to answer most of you, yes, Wyatt and Preston follow right after.

I will keep all of you in mind and try not to make you wait TOO long for the next book in the series! Hope all of you have a wonderful summer!!