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Another chance to win!

Please check out Sid Loves blog and enter for a chance to win!

Check out Amber Kell's blog where I've thrown Riley a birthday party!

Justice for Skylar

Justice for Skylar releases Christmas Day!

Well #^%$!!!!!

Okay, so the pre-order didn't go as planned. I want you all to know I am working on it! I have called Amazon and KDP as well as emailed them. I will keep pestering them until they fix this! I will NOT be doing a pre-order for Justice for Skylar. I'm not taking any chances ruining everyone's Christmas!

Justice for Skylar will be released Christmas day.

Forbidden, now available!!

I am so hoping that everyone has their copy now! Poor Amazon people!! KDP is the publisher, Amazon just sells the book. If you still don't have the right copy, I would suggest calling them. I see it has worked for others. With this pre-order debacle, not sure if I will do it for Justice for Skylar. :( For those of you have gotten the book, thank you so much for all your emails and posts, I'm glad you loved it!

Forbidden delayed!

Due to issues, I'm being told it will now be out on the 23rd.Here is the email.

I have prioritized the publication for this title, but given that the current content in the book is incomplete, we need to push out the release by a day to 11/23.

Once the book is published, we will update the content for those customers who’ve already received the stub. I will update you as soon as we have news.

Pre=Order Forbidden!!

You can now pre-order Forbidden!

Pay close attention to my Facebook pages the 22-23 and 24th as I will have trivia games each day beginning at noon eastern!  Prizes will be given out!!

Forbidden 11/22/13

Forbidden is released on November 22!
As I sit here in Facebook jail, I can check my messages and play angry birds. So if it was one of my competitors trying to knock me out of the're screwed. LOL.

 I am in complete and utter awe over the events taking place on my wall.  My book cover is now profile pictures, other authors that I love so much and respect are posting my release date and book cover. I've always said I hate the word fan, and I do, but you all are so much more than fans or readers, or friends.

 You are my family.

Words can't begin to express the love I feel for all of you right now, and I am so lucky to have you all in my corner. I look forward to coming back and bringing you more of the pictures you love to see everyday!


Banned from Facebook! HA HA!

Okay, so I take full responsibility for being banned. I posted a picture today of a mans butt (It was beautiful!) Well, it was reported and I was given the choice to remove it or have it removed. I chose to keep it. I find nothing wrong with a very nice squeezable butt!

So, I'll be back in seven days! In the meantime, FORBIDDEN is coming out NOVEMBER 22nd!!!!!!



Spin off!

I have decided to do a little spin-off of the books. I will still carry on with the Assassin-Shifters, but a new series will branch from it. I will still add in the much loved characters from the A/S books, there will just be a heck of a lot of explanation surrounding them for those who are just picking up the books. I know it makes it sound repetitive, but getting that 'I can't keep the characters straight' review has prompted jenjo and I to add more and more explanations as to who everyone is.
*Sigh* Either way, I can't win.
Those of you following the Skylar, Elijah, Ryder and Stone portions of the book know there is something not quite human about them. So Justice for Skylar kicks off that series.
Recently, I've been asked why I don't behave more seriously. I am now, a writer, therefore I should behave in a more upstanding way. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
Change who I am? I think not.
If you don't appreciate my posts, jokes, langauge, then…

RainbowCon in April

If you're free in April, head on out to Tampa for Rainbowcon! I will be there with a character from one of my books! Stay tuned, I'll reveal who it is a week before!!

Surprise, Surprise!!

With Forbidden right around the corner, I felt I should warn you that you WILL need your spread sheets! (Unless you're me and can keep all the guys straight--so to speak) I wanted to add in a certain scene that I felt was needed, and unfortunately for all of you, it required quite a few characters. I DID try to keep it down to as few as I could, but damn was it hard! Jenjo is working hard on it, and we are trying for a Thanksgiving release (I'm hoping earlier).
Justice for SKylar is DONE! Now it only needs editing and it has gotten two thumbs up from proof readers! It practically wrote itself! Who can resist the comeback kid, Skylar,and the sexy werewolf, Justice?
As I said, with the release of Forbidden comes trivia games and prizes! I'll let you know ahead which days the trivia games will take place and on a Saturday, I'll have the BIG one that I'll be giving away two prizes only. Those prizes WILL be available for purchase and I will put the link up.
At Year's …