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To make it easier...

Okay, let me make this a little more clear. Since there are 20 something books in the A/S Series, to make it easier, I started the 12 Olympians. Now, if the book focuses on an Olympian, it will be in that series (IE Justice for Skylar, At Year's End) IF it focuses on shifters (IE DIRTY ROSS) It will be an A/S book. I just figured separating them would make things easier.

Justice for Skylar is on sale now!

So excited!!

Recently, I had the pleasure of talking with Michael Alvear who co-hosted HBO's 'The sex Inspectors Master Class (How to have an amazing sex life) He runs his own blog now and asked if I wouldn't mind submitting one of my newest works. Well, let me just say that I was happy and honored to do so!

Here is the link to his page. Please go give it a look!

Trivia Question prizes!!

The trivia questions begin at noon EST  Friday the 20th on both of my facebook walls! This runs through the 24th and the last question will be posted at 12:15 EST on the 24th!! Much luck to everyone who plays!

Justice for Skylar available in paperback!!

It's beginning to look a lot like release day...

Yes, it's that time of year again folks! Books get released during Christmas time with a Christmas theme. Well, mine doesn't have that, sorry. hee hee. Justice for Skylar is the story of Skylar Foxx, ex rent-boy and survivor. Enter a six foot two Italian and you've got a story!

This is book one of The 12 Olympians and there are obviously 11 more. :)

I will be uploading the book on the 24th to make sure it arrives in your hands by Christmas. I will be holding a trivia contest on both my facebook walls at 12:15 EST. The prizes are Salvatore necklaces. There will only be four winners, so make sure you get on that! I will be selling the necklaces again in January on eBay!! Good luck.

It's here!

Tired of your friends giving you that "look" when you go on and on about the new Assassin-Shifter book? Give them the gift if insanity this holiday season with the first two books in the series!!!

Here they are!

Dirty Ross book 22 in The Assassin-Shifter series   At Year's End book two in The 12 Olympian series
 Lux ex Tenebris Book three in The 12 Olympian series