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BETRAYED 1-1-2013


A challange!

"Betrayed" within the next week or so
"Summer of Awakenings" February
"Into the Lyons Den" March
The title for Nikolai's book has not been made yet. I am launching a prize giveaway for the person who names his book with Colin. If you win, you get your choice of prize and your name in the books dedication as the person who came up with the title! Good luck my readers!!!

Enter to win!

A Sneak peek at "Into the Lyons Den"

Devin Lyons: "I'm going to fucking strangle you Panchenko!"
Andrei Panchenko: "I am not into autoerotic asphyxiation."
Christophe Voronova: "He really isn't." Chris shook his head sadly.
Devin Lyons: "What kind of game are you playing?"
Christophe Voronova: "We're playing games? Can we play naked Twister?"
Devin and Andrei: "Shut up Chris!"

Posted over on Goodreads, now posting here.

Well, "A Marked Man" has been re-released with editing issues fixed. Now we just have to finish the next three. "Alaska, With Love", "By the light of the moon" and "Half Moon rising" Are going back to be edited by my new editor Jenjo- who didn't come on board until book five.

I think if you have been reading the series, you'll see the difference in editing as the series progresses. I've read some books where the editing is not only horrendous, but the author can't keep the names straight. Still enjoyed the book, though. If the story grabs me, I couldn't give two shits. But, hey, that's just me.

As I've stated before, the states I write about I have actually LIVED in, and not for just a couple of months. I spent 12 years in Washington, two in Alaska, 2 in SC, most of my teenage years in AZ and now reside in the south.

I'm Constantly surrounded by military men and have spent over twenty years in their company. Yes- I…

"Second Time Around" Available

"Second Time Around" is getting ready to be released!

As the day approaches, I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the short story "Second Time Around". The book centers around two men--Ronin and Maverick, the two of them fell in love in college. Fast forward 12 years and Ronin is at the love of his life's funeral.

This is a Paranormal story of course! Maverick is given a second chance with the love of his life. There's only one problem. Maverick won't remember who he is.

I've been blessed with a reviewer who actually loves my books! (Imagine that!) I will be featured on her blog, and answer questions inquiring minds want to know.

"Betrayed" is out right after Christmas, and centers around the love story of Logan MacLeod and Chance Christianson. (Whom you all met in Irish Wishes).

February will bring "Summer of Awakenings" Which centers around Kory Maguire, Jacob Steele and two others!

March or April (not sure which yet) Will finally see "Into the Lyons Den" I'm su…

A Marked Man re-released!

My new editor worked her tail off and finally finished "A Marked Man". The story remains the same, just cleaned up !

Alaska, with Love, By the Light of the Moon, and Half Moon Rising will join it in the next few months.

I have to give my editor credit, she came on during book five and has done a wonderful job!

The Santorno stories are being proof read as I type and I can't wait to bring you Damon, Stefan, Jordan, Lorenzo and Reece in future books!

Thanks for reading!