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RainbowCon- Tampa Florida

I will be in Tampa Florida in April for Rainbowcon! Please come on out and say hi, get lot's of SWAG and meet Jordan Levine (AKA Nikolai Markov)

Dirty Ross April 15th 2014

Cole Ryker has been a man on a mission since the second he laid eyes on tall, dark and dirty-talking Ross Collins. That mission? To get the macho Delta Force soldier into his bed and out of his head, putting an end to his obsession. When Ross finally agrees to a date, Cole is overjoyed - and, frankly, rather surprised. Ross is like no man he's ever met. When one date leads to another and another, the men struggle to sort out their feelings.

Ross Collins is in full command of everything in his life. When Cole Ryker hits on him - and keeps hitting on him - something in Ross is drawn to the confident firefighter and the uncertainty that comes with letting someone else take the lead. Time with Cole is intoxicating, unlike anything Ross could have imagined. He's falling fast and Cole is right there with him.

But everyone has secrets, don't they? Ross is hiding the fact that he's a werewolf, and Cole is terrified his own past relationship will ruin…


Dirty Ross will be released April 15th!!

A Marked Man in French!!

YAY!!! A big thank you to Benedicte Girault for translating my first book!!