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Harley's Achilles cover!


A Beat in Time

FRET is now available on ARe

Still working on The Assassin's! Here's a sneak peek!

Nikolai came to a sliding stop amidst chaos and threw a look around the massive room in front of him. Cezar was covered in blood, slicing rogues in half and roaring in anger. Nikolai couldn’t blame him, it wasn’t so long ago that asshole Titans had stabbed Cezar right through his gut. Nikolai cast a glance in the corner to see the other Brother’s Grim leaned against the wall, arms folded across their chests. Nikolai sidled up to Lucian and elbowed him.
“What’s up?” he asked.
“Cezar is angry.” Lucian answered.
“I believe pissed off is the correct term, Lucian.” Killian added.
“This is ridiculous!” Lucian threw his hands up in the air and stomped across the room to his brother. Three men in white lab coats were cowered against the wall waiting for certain death. Lucian grabbed Cezar’s sleeve and whipped him around.
“What?!” Cezar snapped.
“When was the last time you satisfied your blood craving?”
Cezar’s brows furrowed in thought. “I don’t know.”
Soft clapping came from across the room…