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Harley's Achilles cover!


A Beat in Time

FRET is now available on ARe

Still working on The Assassin's! Here's a sneak peek!

Nikolai came to a sliding stop amidst chaos and threw a look around the massive room in front of him. Cezar was covered in blood, slicing rogues in half and roaring in anger. Nikolai couldn’t blame him, it wasn’t so long ago that asshole Titans had stabbed Cezar right through his gut. Nikolai cast a glance in the corner to see the other Brother’s Grim leaned against the wall, arms folded across their chests. Nikolai sidled up to Lucian and elbowed him.
“What’s up?” he asked.
“Cezar is angry.” Lucian answered.
“I believe pissed off is the correct term, Lucian.” Killian added.
“This is ridiculous!” Lucian threw his hands up in the air and stomped across the room to his brother. Three men in white lab coats were cowered against the wall waiting for certain death. Lucian grabbed Cezar’s sleeve and whipped him around.
“What?!” Cezar snapped.
“When was the last time you satisfied your blood craving?”
Cezar’s brows furrowed in thought. “I don’t know.”
Soft clapping came from across the room…

A Beat in time is now available for preorder!

JINXED is on KU!!


The JINXED trailer is out!


Plagiarism is real

Over the last week, I've seen some pretty bad posts regarding a certain author taking from another authors books. I looked over the evidence myself and can concur that the plagiarism is, indeed, real. It's sad to think that another author would take from someone who put their hard work into their baby. I am lucky enough to have started all this in 2010, wrote quite a few books but didn't release them until 2012.

The pressure to put a book out is real, and I know I sometimes feel overwhelmed working my ass off to put out a new book. That's why Jenjo and I take 2 month breaks from it. I don't want to write some piece of shit book just to satisfy the masses, I want it to be good, I want it to pull you in and leaving you wanting more.

The pressure is real, but I can't see myself ever taking from someone else. I have my own mind, my own ideas and respect for my readers. You want a fresh story, a good and well written story and I strive to make that happen with every…



GRL and other random thoughts

So, I just came back from GRL where I attended as a reader along with Ann Lister. We had a blast and got to see Zack Hardt (My Harley from the Rock Series). As always, we had so much fun with all the other authors and I got to meet Alexa Land whom I've never met before besides on Facebook. Awesome lady!  As always, when I get to hang out with other authors that write M/M I'm ecstatic about talking with them.

I was fortunate to have a front row seat for some of the panels thanks to Jessica Canoto and Dennis Quinonez, two of my readers that spoil me rotten (Please don't kill me if I misspelled your last names). Anyway, one of those panels i sat in on had one of the authors talking about how she was done with a certain two characters (for now) and I was relieved to hear that, why? Because I was feeling weird that I needed to take a step back from the Assassin Shifters.

Just like anything else, if you write something for so long, you tend to get bored and I don't want that…

Release date for JINXED and Cover reveal

We're projecting End of October/ Beginning on November! Keep your  eyes open!

Assassin Shifters books 11-14 are now on KU!!

Get books 11-14 in a bundle!

Assassin shifter books 7-10 now available on KU!


FRET September 1st!!

Coming September! Former Navy SEAL Axel Blaze lives a solitary life. He doesn't do emotions, and he doesn't do babysitting. Used to being on his own, his job consists of Wetwork (a charming term coined by the KGB) for his former Master Chief, Mac. When an out-of-the-ordinary job lands on his doorstep, Axel heads down a path that includes a famous heavy metal rock band and one quiet, vulnerable, guitar-shredding virtuoso named Gareth Wolf. Gareth Wolf's life changed in an instant when a car he was a passenger in crashed, hurting his brother's best friend and the band's lead guitarist. They created the band, Skull Blasters, as kids. Gareth had always been happy in the background, playing roadie. With the lead guitarist's injury, Gareth is suddenly thrust into the limelight and into a frenzied life he never imagined for himself. Finally fed up with living a lie, Gareth comes out as gay in a newspaper interview and finds himself in the bulls-eye of a crazed stalker…




Locke and Key available for pre order!!

Locke and Key by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Locke and Key Comes to you on August 1st!!


The Assassin Shifters are on sale!!


Ryde the Lightning is here!!



Reading order for the books and LINKS!

An Eye For an Eye is now on SALE!

An Eye for an Eye is out this Friday!!

I want to also thank Vanessa Sims for her interview!!

New website address!!

I've made changes to my website!!

Coming up next...

So after a long talk with Jennifer last night, looks like An Eye for an Eye is going to take a bit longer. It should be out this month but I can't give a date. I hate doing that, but we're not going to rush this one. I won't have any dates for the next books coming out because I just don't know how long it will take to edit them. I've put out a book a month (Almost) for the last two years and I think it's time to cut back a bit. I don't want the writing to suffer or become sloppy trying to get one out that often. We'll be putting out the Santorno books more than anything else for a bit. I'm working on Locke and Key, but after that I'll be working on my rock series so don't expect any Assassin's or Olympians for a bit. I'm feeling a bit run down and I don't want to burn out so please hang in there while I try to recharge! I love all of you guys and am so grateful that you stick by me!

Have you fallen for the men of Manhattan yet?

Have you fallen for Ramos and TIernan yet?

Many thanks to Valerie Degeorge for the banner!

Assassin Shifters box set

Been wanting to read the Assassin Shifters but find the amount of books daunting? Well, here ya go! Books 1-6! wink emoticon Happy Reading!