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At Year's End

Ever since he set eyes on Jaxon Salvatore at Camp Pride, 16-year-old Elijah Newman knew who he'd be spending the rest of his life with. The tough guy, on the other hand, was not getting that message. Rebuffed at every turn, Elijah does his best to make the middle Salvatore brother understand that their lives were meant to be connected. Suddenly, odd things begin to happen and Elijah becomes more and more convinced that there's a demon inside him. All he can do is try to keep his friends - and the man he's beginning to love - safe from his secret.
Two long years have passed since Jaxon Salvatore first laid eyes on the boisterous, beautiful - and much younger - Elijah Newman. Fighting off the teenager with the huge blue eyes has been torture from day one. Now, Elijah is about to turn 18 and Jaxon finally sees light on the horizon for a life with him. But strange things are happening: the teenager doesn't flirt with him like he used to, he rarely hangs out with his buddies…

Thank you!!

Well, thank you all again for all the lovely post's and email's!! I'm so glad you liked it! As I've said before, there are QUITE a few books in the Santorno Stories. So if you're waiting for Lorenzo and Reece, it's going to be a bit. (Same for Christophe and Dimitri) But I think you'll find yourselves falling in love with Mark and Paul, Damon and Tyler and the rest of the guys! These were the first stories I wrote back in 2010, it seems like just yesterday!

Because they were posted on a daily basis as chapters, it's going to bounce between couples. So if you can't read a book like that, I'm warning you now. It's like reading a soap opera. No, that's not a joke. (lol) 

Next up, At Year's End February 14th. The story of Jaxon and Elijah. I hope you'll love it as much as I did. 

Because we put books out back to back, there won't be one in March. Not sure about April, but I'll keep you all updated!

Medicine and the Mob finally hits Amazon

Well, it took much longer on this one, but it's finally here!

The Medicine and The Mob

Stefan Sanders knows two things: He never wants to be like his father. He's going to die if someone doesn't remove the tumor in his head. 
Stefan is the son of a notorious and ruthless mobster, which effectively scares off any doctor he'd let anywhere near his brain. Enter pompous, rude Jordan Youngblood, a gifted neurosurgeon who isn't afraid of anyone and loves a good challenge. The doctor is his own biggest fan, and lacks even a passable bedside manner - but if he get's the job done, who is Stefan to complain?
Jordan Youngblood knows one thing: He's never going to get close to a patient again. Ever. That rule works well until Damon Santorno walks into his office. Jordan's a genius, and it doesn't take one to figure out that Damon means business. His son is dying of a brain tumor and even with all his power and money, Damon can't save him. But Jordan can.
With a not-so-gentle nudge from the older Santorno, Jordan agrees to take on Stefan's case. …

Necklaces are back on sale!