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Count Down to "An Ignited Passion"

As the day draws near, my editor and I are doing re-reads like crazy. It always seems as if WORD has it in for us though. We will change something more than once, save it, come back and find the same mistake. WTF? There are some days I want to shoot my WORD document. More than two pairs of eyes look over the manuscripts, I'd like to thank Kimberly Webb-Balan for the proof reading. She is the one that reads the stories first, tells me whether or not it flows and if she would pay for it. (As if she wouldn't, hmf!)

Jenjo is my chief editor and the final word on all manuscripts. As she works for a newspaper as an editor, you don't need to ask why she is the FINAL on all manuscripts. (lol)

Theresa Webber not only makes my book covers, but also does read-through's of the final manuscripts, catching whatever Jenjo and I missed.

Jennifer Fornes is one of my photographers and had the honor of photographing the three guys that grace the covers.

I have to thank Randy and Joseph f…


I have read quite a few male/male romance novels and as of today, I have never left a one star review. Here's why:

The book would have to be SO bad that I couldn't even finish it. IE: Bad, bad , BAD punctuation and sentence structure, misspelled words...and so on and so forth. Have I read some books that had some missing words? Commas in the wrong place? Sure, did it detract from the story SO much I put the book down? Nope.

I just tried to finish a book that had tons of five star ratings. I couldn't finish it. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't my cup of tea. I was very engaged in it, therefore it captured my attention, it just lost it a little more than halfway through where I thought the story should have ended but it kept going.

So point number TWO: If the book isn't something I would read: BDSM, Sub/Dom, I Don't buy it! Simple as that. If I accidentally bought it because the warning wasn't in place, would I give it a bad review? Nope. It's not my cup…

An Ignited Passion

Well, October will see Wyatt and Preston hit Amazon!! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the book! As most of you know, Wyatt was introduced as a precocious seven year old in "By the Light of the Moon". The baby of the Quinton clan was mated with a much older Preston Dalton.  Forced to hide his identity until Wyatt became of age, Preston finally sets out to claim his mate! Enjoy the ride!

"An Ignited Passion" October 1, 2012