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Publishing with a publisher

Okay, So I'm taking another plunge and allowing one of my short stories to be published by a publisher. I swore I'd never go there, but I respect both of these men and can't wait to see how this all plays out. I wrote a short story about two men (Imagine that!) Who find love. Now, this IS a paranormal book, but the story is far, far away from my Assassin/Shifter books. I have asked to keep those separate from what I give the publishing Co. and they have agreed.

I was planning on having "A Marked Man" go on sale for the month of December for 99 cents (UPDATE: A Marked Man will go on sale in the month of January for .99 to celebrate it being out for a year) SO, the re-edited version will be available in the next two days. Nothing changed plot wise, it's just been cleaned up by my wonderful editor Jennifer Jacobson. (I know way too many Jennifer's BTW)

On a lighter note, I spent three wonderful days in Panama City Beach with Jordan Levine of Randy Blue and S…