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ALASKA!! Re-edited!!!

Alaska With Love is finally done! Jenjo did a fabulous job! The book is on sale for 99 cents for a month. Fall in love with Josh and Mark all over again!

Panama City Beach, here I come!!!

Once again I head out to the beach for a photo shoot! I have My favorite guys joining me this time! Jordan Levine, Roman Todd, Caleb Strong, Dylan Bazan, Lucky Daniels, Robert Banner and last but not least, Adam Von Rothfelder! I have been lucky enough to grab Tony Dimitri Peniche as a photographer as well as my long-time photographer Jennifer Klahn Fornes.

I get to spend ten wonderful days with Robert Banner as he shoots with another photographer while we are there. It will be Robert's first time in America, so I'm paying it forward and taking him to another shoot!

I am also very blessed to have gotten Michael Stokes to work with me when I head out to California. I am very excited about working with him and a few models we have picked out!

Jenjo and I return after summer with "The Littlest Assassin-Shifters" Followed by "Lesson's Learned" (Hayden and Jude's book).

A Marrying Man will go on sale July 31st through Wilde City so keep your eyes open fo…

A Marrying Man: COMING SOON!

Spencer and Blaine's book is coming soon!! Keep your eye out at Wilde City!