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A Christmas for Mitch

Mitch stared at the colorful lights on the fragrant tree with a smile. He loved Christmas, always had. Even as a child, even if he didn’t get much in the present department, he still loved Christmas. The sights and smells of the season had always charmed and captivated him. An angel perched slightly crooked atop the tree, smiling slightly, its beautiful face lifting heavenward. “Hey, I brought you some eggnog.” Mitch glanced over his shoulder to see the man of his dreams wearing a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer sweater. He bit his lip, fighting the urge to laugh when the aforementioned nose lit up. Why, it even glowed. Locke seemed to sense his mirth and pulled at the hem. “I lost a bet, okay?” He sat cross-legged on the floor and handed Mitch his nog, frothy and fragrant in a clear reindeer glass, complete with antlers. “And that would be?” Mitch sipped the thick liquid and twitched his nose. Locke sipped slowly, struggling to come up with some story he could tell Mitch to avoid the…