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The Nik of Time Cover!!


A Betting Man comes out in April!!

"The next person?" I asked.
"The very next." Blaine nodded.
"You're on."

How bad could one harmless bet be? The next person who walks through Kent Samson's door is the one he needs to make fall in love with him. Shouldn't be that hard. Right?

Terry Barron delivers a package that changes his life. He meets the sexy Kent Samson and is immediately courted by the high-profile advertising executive. But some things are too good to be true and Terry finds out the hard way that Kent is a betting man.


Thanks to Jen Watts for building a website that should answers most of your questions. She is still working on it so cut her some slack, she's got a lot to deal with! LOL


Thanks to Jennifer Watts on the Goodreads site for making this chart!!

List's of characters for Santorno stories.

I honestly don't know where else to post this that hasn't been posted already. There are family trees on both of my facebook pages in the "Notes" section.

With the upcoming books focusing on Stefan and his husband Jordan, I'm making a little list of those who have been mentioned and some that haven't.

Stefan and Jordan: Kids
Damon (Adopted, named after Stefan's father, Damon)
Isabelle (Adopted)
Heath (Stefan's biological child)
Charlie (Daughter, Jordan's biological)

Damon's friends: Mark Andrews- AKA Greystone, Jay Reynolds, Greg Farelli- AKA Reynolds, Tanner McKinley, Tyler Dion-AKA Youngblood, Paul Greystone.

Paul was a senior in high school when he met Mark, his friends were Joshua Reynolds, Kyle Farrelli- AKA Russo and Jason McKinley- AKA Reynolds. Joshua was roommates with Chris Stevens- AKA Voronov…