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Attention Attention!!

Just to reiterate, the next book in the Assassin-shifter series is BROKEN BONDS, It is the story of Jackson/Jonas/John and Anya. If you are waiting for Justice and Skylar, or Elijah and Jaxon, there is another book after this one "Forbidden" Noah and Jesse's story. Again, Justice for Skylar and At Year's end will follow these two books.

Sneak peek at Broken Bonds Copyright 2013

. Footsteps echoed on the walk to the door and then the doorbell rang. Jonas let out his breath and opened the door. Jackson stood there dressed in faded blue jeans and a white t-shirt. He held an accordion file in his left hand and a bottle of wine in the other. Jonas’ eyes drifted over the accordion file. Jackson had actually brought the maps?
“Hello.” Jackson grinned at the confused look on Jonas’ face. “Did I get the wrong day?”
“What? Oh! No, no, no, I was just, um, surprised?”
“That I came?” Jackson peeked behind Jonas. “That smells good.”
“Please come in.” Jonas stepped back and let Jackson t…

The fun has just begun!

So, I'm sitting here thinking about the next books to come out. "The Medicine and the Mob" is the story of Jordan Youngblood and Stefan Santorno, the way they met, and how they fell in love. More books spin off from that one and WILL explain Reece and Lorenzo's love story as well as Christophe and Dimitri's. You also see how Vince and Andrei got together.

On the Assassin shifter side, we have "Broken Bonds", which involves Jonas, Jackson, John and Anya. There is a small m/f scene in that one. After that, we're off to Jesse and Noah's with "Forbidden". I am working on "Justice for Skylar", as well as "At Years End" (Elijah and Jaxon's book). So hang in there, I'm writing books and Jenjo is trying to edit them fast enough. ;)

The next books are...

In the next few months, more books will be hitting Amazon. In the Assassin-Shifters books, first up is 'Broken Bonds'. The story revolves around Jackson, Jonas, John and Anya. (The female from the Siberian Enclosure). This book will have a small m/f scene. Just to be clear, there is NO menage scene in that book.

No offense, but in my opinion, a threesome cheapens a love to me. That is only MY OPINION.

Next up is 'Forbidden'--The story of Noah and Jesse.

There are no release dates as of yet!!

Hayden and Jude have made it to Amazon!!