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Home and then gone again!

I'm finally back home and settling in, for at least two more weeks, then I'm off to Florida for a little R&R. The shoot in Arizona was great! Three great guys with fantastic shots of the Chiricahua National monument! The guys were great, even dealing with June bugs in July and Tarantulas. Spent a couple days in Chandler, Arizona at the Sheraton Wild horse pass resort and hit the casino at night.

"The General's Lover" Will go on sale August first. I will be submitting it on the 31st just to make sure it arrives in your hands on time! I look forward to the release of "Russian Prey" (Keegan/Vince) In September followed by "An Ignited Passion" (Preston/Wyatt)In October. After that, I will take a small break just to make sure the next stories that go out are worthy.

I like to stay ahead, that way I'm not scrambling to write something just to placate my readers. I'll only bring you my best. As always, I thank all of you for continuing th…