After MUCH discussion with my editor, we have decided "Reflash" Will go on sale November first! "The Red Zone" Will be released January first. My editor deserves a vacation during Christmas (Besides, she's cruising).  Happy Sunday!!!


  1. I have no problem waiting for October to be over just so that I can get a new book to read from this series. I'm so happy that another book will be coming out so soon! I have to thank you and your editors! I've finally found the time to finish "An Ignited Passion" and I really wanted to tell you how much I love this new addition to the series. A new couple has been added into the family. Wyatt's brothers are mentioned and even Riley,Mark, and the Skull Blasters. The new characters Austin and Kurt surprise me a bit which also has me anticipating "Reflash" since they are two straight guys and Tucker and Wesley are gay. The fact that their parents have extreme homophobia makes me a bit mad and also has me wondering if Kurt will go against his cold father.
    When you wrote in the epilogue that "It had started off with the Skull Blasters, but now the family had extended to include everyone," I was so touched. It's true that they have this really big family and everyone is together and supportive. Thank you for writing this great series where I can go into my own little world and imagine the happiness of this family :)

  2. You are VERY welcome!! I love writing this family of men! I prefer to look at my stories as someday becoming a reality. Where men can be married and no one would bat an eyelash at them. Where gay marriage is as normal as breathing (As one reviewer put it). "Reflash" Touches on some sensitive issues. Thank you for sticking by me! I hope to bring you many more!


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