“Hey, Dane.”
“I heard about Chaz, you okay?”
“What do you mean you heard?”
“I mean your thoughts are on,” Dane chuckled.
“Shit,” Lev sighed.
Dane laughed on the other end of the line and Lev had to smile. He always forgot to turn them off. Dane had been a very good friend to him, as well as his alpha and the two of them had gotten along from the start. When Dane had been bitten by a rogue, Jude Brooks had bitten him to reverse the poison. Now Dane was a werewolf of the Maccon line just as he was.
“I have to go to the club tonight to watch over Ryder, you want to come with?” Dane asked.
“Oh, I have to watch over Chaz.”
“He’ll be there,” Dane said.
“How do you know?”
“Well he called Cole, who told Ross who—”
“I got it,” Lev chuckled. “Yeah, I guess I’m going then.”
“Good, I need someone to talk to.”
“You could talk to Ryder,” Lev offered.
“No, I can’t get personal with him.”
“Dane,” Lev sighed.
Although he didn’t know the whole story, Dane had been with someone years before. The relationship hadn’t worked out and Dane had been heartbroken. He knew how that felt.
“Don’t ‘Dane’ me, you sound like my mother.”
“Dannnneeeee,” Lev whined.
“Oh shut up.” Dane laughed. “You’d think I wasn’t your alpha or something.”
“You are more like my friend, Dane.”
“I’m glad you said that, Lev. I need a friend right now.”
“Yeah? So do I.”
“Good, I’ll see you in a half hour.”


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