Still working on The Assassin's! Here's a sneak peek!

Nikolai came to a sliding stop amidst chaos and threw a look around the massive room in front of him. Cezar was covered in blood, slicing rogues in half and roaring in anger. Nikolai couldn’t blame him, it wasn’t so long ago that asshole Titans had stabbed Cezar right through his gut. Nikolai cast a glance in the corner to see the other Brother’s Grim leaned against the wall, arms folded across their chests. Nikolai sidled up to Lucian and elbowed him.
“What’s up?” he asked.
“Cezar is angry.” Lucian answered.
“I believe pissed off is the correct term, Lucian.” Killian added.
“This is ridiculous!” Lucian threw his hands up in the air and stomped across the room to his brother. Three men in white lab coats were cowered against the wall waiting for certain death. Lucian grabbed Cezar’s sleeve and whipped him around.
“What?!” Cezar snapped.
“When was the last time you satisfied your blood craving?”
Cezar’s brows furrowed in thought. “I don’t know.”
Soft clapping came from across the room and Lucian turned to see his brother, Killian, doing the clapping.
“What? He contracted. I am so proud.” Killian grinned.
Lucian sighed in annoyance and turned back to his brother. He eyed him carefully and then grabbed one of the men from the floor. The man was babbling about not wanting to die and Lucian brought him up to his face. Blue eyes went wide and Lucian noticed the blond, curly hair. The man could have been Loki if he wasn’t employed by the Titans.
“Here, suck on this.” Lucian pushed the man forward.
“What the hell, Lucian?” Cezar barked.
“You’re not yourself when you haven’t fed.”
Cezar eyed the man in front of him. He grabbed the man by his nape and pulled him forward, sinking his teeth into the mans jugular. The response was immediate, the man at his mercy began to moan as Cezar drank from him. The smell of arousal permeated the air as Cezar sank in deeper, taking his fill. The man in his arms went limp and Cezar removed his fangs, licking across his teeth as he pushed him to the floor. The thirst was quenched, but the need for release was still there. His vampire wanted Loki and was not satisfied with a stand-in. He turned to see them all watching him closely.
“Better?” Lucian asked, head tilted.
“Better.” Cezar nodded.
“Holy fuck!” Nikolai exclaimed. “That dude jizzed, didn’t he?”
Cezar strode over to the younger Markov and leaned into his face. “Still want to touch them?”
“More than ever!” Nikolai laughed.
"You are crazy, Nikolai." Cezar shook his head.
"You are too, Count Suckula" Nikolai chuckled.


  1. OH DAMN! Is Cezar losing his sanity here? And will he let Loki top him? I SURE HOPE SO!! YOUR books are hot, sexy, dangerous and explosive!! But what really gets me hot! Is when they top each other!!

  2. Oh god, I can't wait for this book! I love this series and read the entire series at least three or four times a year. Keep them coming!

  3. Oh god, I can't wait for this book! I love this series and read the entire series at least three or four times a year. Keep them coming!

  4. LOL. You never know who will top who! Not all men are versatile. That's why they have tops and

  5. When is that out... and when is another Olympian book out??QQ

  6. Is coming out soon? Oh I can't wait to read about cezar and Loki and of course I want more of my Nikolai I miss that lil psychotic adorable assassin... hope to read it soon:) love your books!

  7. hmmp and Loki being a smaller man will be a permanent bottom boy with a Vampire, I bet. ugh

  8. Ms. Sandy...EVERY couple up to Dirty Ross were versatile...I prefer they be versatile...

  9. When is Nate and Beau/Magni's book coming out? And Loki and Cezar. I want Lucas and Brody, too. I think Lucas has been with the Titans long enough. He needs to come home. He is Prometheus, isn't he?


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