We'll take "Give Us A Freaking Break" for $200, please.

To say the Santorno-Youngblood extended family has had a rough couple of years is something of an understatement. Not that they don't enjoy a good explosion just as much as the next guys, but the fun factor plummets when it's your house that's going boom. Toss in a couple of kidnappings, a few maniacal ex-boyfriends, and a smattering of gunshot wounds and these guys have learned not to say "what next"? 

Their lives just never seem to calm down long enough to enjoy some playtime. Josh Reynolds plans to change that by marrying Jason McKinley in Hawaii and bringing the whole gang along for some good times. Josh and Jason's marriage is not the only happy beginning of new life; several of the guys get great news while they are enjoying the island paradise. 

Once back in Fort Worth, the team gets right back to work, with a little extracurricular activity humming along in the background. Greg Farrelli-Reynolds and Tyler Youngblood spring some unwelcome news on their husbands -- right before the team takes on some of its toughest missions. Josh's outrageous former college roommate is recruited as a translator to help the team crush its Russian enemies. Chris Stevens meets Dimitri Voronova, a Russian assassin who just happens to be friends with one of the Santorno guards. The sexy banter flies as quickly as the bullets when they fight to rescue one of the group's own. 

Oh, about those maniacal ex-boyfriends -- what is the deal?!

The Santorno-Youngblood family makes it crystal clear that they are not to be messed with. Unfortunately, some people just aren't very smart.


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  3. OMGOSH!!! I CANNOT WAIT!! Could you have JUST ONE book where there is no deaths, GSW, bombs etc? Some of what you typed is being overlapped by your picture and the blogs from years past lol

  4. I am so excited about the new book coming out on Wednesday. I cannot wait. All the excitement is great . I love the kidnapping, shootings, and love in the books. I could do without anymore deaths. I new it was coming because I read In the Lyons den already with the other assassin shifter books. I love both series.keep up the great work.


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