Okay, seems like I need to do another post about the Santornos and the timeline. When I wrote the Santornos, it was 2010, they were never to be published.People began asking me about the backstories for certain characters and because they were reader favorites on LRO, I added them to the Assassin Shifter series. The Santorno stories do not follow the timeline of the AS Series. Colin and Nik grow up together, Vince and Keegan as well as Devin and Andrei meet in an entirely different way. It's like an alternate universe and you have to forget what you know about the AS series when reading them. If you're hating the teenage angst, you might want to skip the next book. These are listed as 'Coming of age' so you will see a lot of behavior that will drive you nuts, (I had 4 teenagers, I know.) I hope this helps, I will be posting it wherever I can.