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Just to reiterate, the next book in the Assassin-shifter series is BROKEN BONDS, It is the story of Jackson/Jonas/John and Anya. If you are waiting for Justice and Skylar, or Elijah and Jaxon, there is another book after this one "Forbidden" Noah and Jesse's story. Again, Justice for Skylar and At Year's end will follow these two books.

Sneak peek at Broken Bonds Copyright 2013

. Footsteps echoed on the walk to the door and then the doorbell rang. Jonas let out his breath and opened the door. Jackson stood there dressed in faded blue jeans and a white t-shirt. He held an accordion file in his left hand and a bottle of wine in the other. Jonas’ eyes drifted over the accordion file. Jackson had actually brought the maps?
“Hello.” Jackson grinned at the confused look on Jonas’ face. “Did I get the wrong day?”
“What? Oh! No, no, no, I was just, um, surprised?”
“That I came?” Jackson peeked behind Jonas. “That smells good.”
“Please come in.” Jonas stepped back and let Jackson through. The man sauntered by him and Jonas inhaled a wild, musky scent. His dick throbbed and his mouth watered.
Jackson stopped in the living room and put the file down on an end table. He motioned to the coffee table. “Mind if we eat here?”
“No, that’s fine. I usually end up there anyway watching TV while I eat.”
“Well, we won’t be watching TV.” Jackson glanced over his shoulder with a grin.
“We...we won’t?” Jonas licked his lips.
“Well, no. We have maps to go over, remember?” Jackson turned back and walked to the kitchen. He almost chuckled when he heard Jonas mumbling under his breath behind him. “What was that?”
Jonas almost ran into Jackson’s back as the man abruptly stopped. As it was, his hands went straight to Jackson’s ass to stop himself. He pulled away quickly and stepped back a few feet. He realized he was still staring at Jackson’s ass.
Jackson turned around and studied Jonas’ face. “Why don’t you get dinner and I’ll pour the wine?”
“Sounds good,” Jonas nodded in relief. Jackson hadn’t said anything about the ass grab. “We can spread out on the floor and table.” Jackson arched a brow at him and Jonas cursed himself at how that sounded. “The maps, we can spread out the maps.”
“Of course.” Jackson looked around the tidy kitchen. “Wine glasses?”


  1. Ek I can hardly wait for's awesome how Jonas act like a shy teen and Jackson so cool when he probably just wants Jonas to grope him again.I'm actually looking forward to see John getting his second chance as well...there's no release date right? I can't wait!!

  2. Thank you! No release date as of yet!


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