At Year's End

Ever since he set eyes on Jaxon Salvatore at Camp Pride, 16-year-old Elijah Newman knew who he'd be spending the rest of his life with. The tough guy, on the other hand, was not getting that message. Rebuffed at every turn, Elijah does his best to make the middle Salvatore brother understand that their lives were meant to be connected. Suddenly, odd things begin to happen and Elijah becomes more and more convinced that there's a demon inside him. All he can do is try to keep his friends - and the man he's beginning to love - safe from his secret.

Two long years have passed since Jaxon Salvatore first laid eyes on the boisterous, beautiful - and much younger - Elijah Newman. Fighting off the teenager with the huge blue eyes has been torture from day one. Now, Elijah is about to turn 18 and Jaxon finally sees light on the horizon for a life with him. But strange things are happening: the teenager doesn't flirt with him like he used to, he rarely hangs out with his buddies and he talks about having a boyfriend. A boyfriend? Things are NOT good.

When awful things happen to Elijah, Jaxon struggles to keep the younger man safe and himself sane. From the coast of Washington, to the peak of Mount Olympus, Jaxon will stop at nothing to keep what's his


  1. Hi Sandrine, I really love your books and am always checking your blog to see when your next one's coming out! But sometimes your posts are in a really tiny font, like this one, and it really strains my eyes, especially after a day of sitting in front of a computer at work. =P Would it be possible for you to use a larger font on posts like this? Thanks and please keep those books coming! ^_^

  2. Will try to make it bigger!! In the meantime, please don't hesitate to friend me on Facebook. I've always got sneak peeks and the release dates there as well!!

  3. Any idea for a potential release month for Killian's book?

  4. I love this series. I'm so happy you split the series with the addition of so many characters.

  5. Do you have a potential release month for Killian's book?

  6. I AM SO LOVING ALL OF YOUR SERIES!! THE LAUGHTER, THE TEARS, EVERYTHING!! i have a request though...could you PLEASE enlarge your font and change the color as blue? is very difficult to see on a black background. THANK YOU!! YOU ARE THE BEST AUTHOR OUT THERE!!


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