Thank you!!

Well, thank you all again for all the lovely post's and email's!! I'm so glad you liked it! As I've said before, there are QUITE a few books in the Santorno Stories. So if you're waiting for Lorenzo and Reece, it's going to be a bit. (Same for Christophe and Dimitri) But I think you'll find yourselves falling in love with Mark and Paul, Damon and Tyler and the rest of the guys! These were the first stories I wrote back in 2010, it seems like just yesterday!

Because they were posted on a daily basis as chapters, it's going to bounce between couples. So if you can't read a book like that, I'm warning you now. It's like reading a soap opera. No, that's not a joke. (lol) 

Next up, At Year's End February 14th. The story of Jaxon and Elijah. I hope you'll love it as much as I did. 

Because we put books out back to back, there won't be one in March. Not sure about April, but I'll keep you all updated!


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