Forbidden, now available!!

I am so hoping that everyone has their copy now! Poor Amazon people!! KDP is the publisher, Amazon just sells the book. If you still don't have the right copy, I would suggest calling them. I see it has worked for others. With this pre-order debacle, not sure if I will do it for Justice for Skylar. :( For those of you have gotten the book, thank you so much for all your emails and posts, I'm glad you loved it!


  1. Finally I have my copy, please do not do pre orders for the next book, just release it cause Amazon or whomever be tripping and nobody got time for that. I got so happy yesterday thinking I was going to be able to read it, then found out the release was delay, then waited for midnight when it would be the 23rd and it still wasn't released until later. This crap had be flashing back to the days I had to wait til the bookstores had the books I was interested in, which I hate.

    Anyways got through reading this book and LOVED it! Can't wait for the next one.

  2. Thank you!! I don't think I'll be doing the pre order on the next book. Justice for Skylar is out December 25th! Merry Christmas!


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