Surprise, Surprise!!

With Forbidden right around the corner, I felt I should warn you that you WILL need your spread sheets! (Unless you're me and can keep all the guys straight--so to speak) I wanted to add in a certain scene that I felt was needed, and unfortunately for all of you, it required quite a few characters. I DID try to keep it down to as few as I could, but damn was it hard! Jenjo is working hard on it, and we are trying for a Thanksgiving release (I'm hoping earlier).

Justice for SKylar is DONE! Now it only needs editing and it has gotten two thumbs up from proof readers! It practically wrote itself! Who can resist the comeback kid, Skylar,and the sexy werewolf, Justice?

As I said, with the release of Forbidden comes trivia games and prizes! I'll let you know ahead which days the trivia games will take place and on a Saturday, I'll have the BIG one that I'll be giving away two prizes only. Those prizes WILL be available for purchase and I will put the link up.

At Year's End is being written as I speak. The story of Jaxon and Elijah is full of surprises and I can't wait to reveal the cover.

There are three more books in the works aside from The Medicine and the Mob and Brandi Reynolds is working her ass off to get them ready. Once she's done, they go to Jenjo. So be prepared for four books starting 'The Santorno Stories'.

I know all of you are speculating who is going to be paired with whom, I think it'll be interesting when those pairings are revealed. It's no secret that Cole Ryker has a thing for our "Dirty Ross" and I can't wait to give you that one as well as its cover.

As always, I love you guys!! I love your emails and messages more than I could ever say. So hang in there, we're working as fast as we can!!


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