Spin off!

I have decided to do a little spin-off of the books. I will still carry on with the Assassin-Shifters, but a new series will branch from it. I will still add in the much loved characters from the A/S books, there will just be a heck of a lot of explanation surrounding them for those who are just picking up the books. I know it makes it sound repetitive, but getting that 'I can't keep the characters straight' review has prompted jenjo and I to add more and more explanations as to who everyone is.

*Sigh* Either way, I can't win.

Those of you following the Skylar, Elijah, Ryder and Stone portions of the book know there is something not quite human about them. So Justice for Skylar kicks off that series.

Recently, I've been asked why I don't behave more seriously. I am now, a writer, therefore I should behave in a more upstanding way.

Change who I am? I think not.

If you don't appreciate my posts, jokes, langauge, then please feel free to exit my page.

My books are a direct representation of who I am. I refuse to change for anyone. 

Anyway, Forbidden should be the last book for right now that throws a massive amount of characters your way. Justice for Skylar revolves mostly around them, but you do see Elijah and Jaxon in there as well as Stone and Ryder.

*Large sigh* Now I feel better.

hee hee


  1. Here here don't change who you are to make others happy... we love your sense of humor on your page:)

  2. I love the way you are. I love happy you.
    and that makes me love your books too.
    Happy writer creates beautiful book ❤

  3. You should always be who you are and never let anyone tell you anything different. Are the Spin Off Books still going to be available at Amazon?

  4. Yes, all the books published by Skull Blaster Publishing go through Amazon!

  5. Im a big fan of you sandrine and I have read all of your books and I love them cant wait for forbidden to come out.


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