To make it easier...

Okay, let me make this a little more clear. Since there are 20 something books in the A/S Series, to make it easier, I started the 12 Olympians. Now, if the book focuses on an Olympian, it will be in that series (IE Justice for Skylar, At Year's End) IF it focuses on shifters (IE DIRTY ROSS) It will be an A/S book. I just figured separating them would make things easier.


  1. Do you have an estimated date when the books are coming out?

  2. Which ones? At Year's End is out on Feb 14th. Dirty Ross has no set date yet.

  3. Thanks for the update on the release dates. When is The Medicine and the Mob coming out?

  4. No set date, but this month for sure!! I'll let you know as soon as i know! :-)


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