Here they are!

Dirty Ross book 22 in The Assassin-Shifter series
  At Year's End book two in The 12 Olympian series
 Lux ex Tenebris Book three in The 12 Olympian series


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  2. No release date yet on "Dirty Ross" still have to get out THe Medicine and the Mob, Justice for Skylar and At Year's End ;)

  3. Lol dirty Ross, I laughed everytime some one call him that and how annoyed he got nice! The stripping gig was an awesome idea btw;) Caden and all those sexy man in small underwear was AWESOME! Won't name which book it is, that way I won't spolied anyone's reading:) can't wait for dirty Ross!!

  4. Isn't Tenebris Killian's last name????

  5. So that hot guy in the back is Killian? Or Lordy (fan please....) While most of the covers do nothing for me (and look very little like the characters), some are OH MY GOODNESS. This one. OH MY DOUBLE DOG PIE IN THE SKY BE STILL MY EVER BEATING HEART GOODNESS.

  6. I think everyone has a different view of the characters in their mind. I myself don't even look at covers when I get a book. I'm reading the blurb. lol


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