It's beginning to look a lot like release day...

Yes, it's that time of year again folks! Books get released during Christmas time with a Christmas theme. Well, mine doesn't have that, sorry. hee hee. Justice for Skylar is the story of Skylar Foxx, ex rent-boy and survivor. Enter a six foot two Italian and you've got a story!

This is book one of The 12 Olympians and there are obviously 11 more. :)

I will be uploading the book on the 24th to make sure it arrives in your hands by Christmas. I will be holding a trivia contest on both my facebook walls at 12:15 EST. The prizes are Salvatore necklaces. There will only be four winners, so make sure you get on that! I will be selling the necklaces again in January on eBay!! Good luck.


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